A Hands-On Science Program on Bees and Beekeeping in the English Town and Countryside

Hi, I’m John Howe. I have been a practicing beekeeper for over 15 years, first keeping hives in New York City, then, since moving here. on the Totnes Castle Meadow . I have also taught in day care and primary schools for 30 years. I know children.

In this hands-on program “The Buzz About Bees” I bring bees to your school to teach children about the role of bees in the environment. Read about the program »

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    Observation Table

    Engaging the young mind through observation of a live hive of bees. The safety glass allows close observation.

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    Reading Table

    Exploring my extensive library of age-appropriate books on bees and beekeeping.

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    Building a Miniature Bee Hive

    Children collaborate on building a beehive just like I have on the Totnes Castle Meadow.

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    Hands-on Table

    The experience includes testing out the tools of beekeeping like the smoker I use when gathering honey.