The Buzz About Bees Programme

The Buzz About Bees is a  science programme on Bees and Beekeeping in England’s Town and Countryside

First I present a multimedia slideshow to the whole class about bees: how they make honey, how beekeepers collect it and how bees help the environment by pollinating flowers. Also, the plight of the vanishing bees and its consequences.

Children then break into three task groups to rotate among the three learning stations:

The Hands-On Table: Pretend to be a TV bee reporter for BZZ ONE. Be a bee or beekeeper in a role-playing game for two involving costumes and paraphenalia. Explore hands-on learning aids and beekeeping equipment.

The Observation Table: an observation hive of live bees safely behind glass. “Treasure-hunt” activity sheet. Find the queen!

The Reading Discovery Table: an extensive  library of age-appropriate books on bees and beekeeping. Discover a new fact and earn a bee sticker.