American Press & Mentions

Flight of the Honeybees
New York Times, City Room, September 23, 2010

You gotta bee-lieve! It’s now legal to be an apiarist
The Brooklyn Paper, March 19, 2010

The Neighborhood Buzz (Video)
New York Times, The Local, May 22, 2009

Hoping to Generate a Bit More Buzz
New York Times, June 23, 2009

15 reasons why Brooklyn is New York City’s borough to beat
NY Daily News, January 2, 2010

The City as Classroom: Eight New York homeschoolers’ field trips.
New York Magazine, New York Guides, October 14 2012

Sweet Honey in the Block
Edible Manhattan, September 5, 2008

Brooklyn Tornado Causes Honeybee Tragedy
New York Times, The Local, September 23, 2010

Linkfest: Bees, Trees, Beer and Sardines
New York Times, January 4, 2010

Herbivorium Part 3: Piper sarmentosum
New York Times, The Local, November 10 2010

The Day: Brooklyn is the New Paris
New York Times, The Local, March 31, 2011

Having a Ball at the Beekeepers Ball
New York Times, Diner’s Journal, June 23, 2009

Sweet Spot
NYU LiveWire

Honey, I’m Home! High Hives for Urban Beekeepers
Urban Gardens, May 22, 2009

In a Beloved Tree, A Battle of the Bees
New York Times, City Room, Septembr 26, 2010

Bee at the Flea
Brooklyn Flea, May 21, 2009

New York City Board of Health revokes ban on urban beekeeping; rooftop hives get OK
NY Daily News, March 16, 2010

New York to buzz to the sound of bees
The Telegraph, March 28, 2010

Urban Beekeeping
Brooklyn Botanic Garden, May 1, 2010