What teachers are saying:

“On behalf of the students and staff, I’d like to thank you for the wonderful presentation you gave to four of our classes. The students are still talking about the things that you taught them. You were well-organized and built in time to allow our students to explore. Thank you again.”
— R. Holdampf

What children are saying:

“When I saw the bees in the beehive I felt so excited. I would never know about very interesting facts if you never taught me about them.”

“It was fun because we play games… The queen bee was the best part ever”

“I liked it when the queen started laying eggs”

“You are an expert of bees because I never knew that bees make fruits from the flowers”

“We are going to plant flowers”

“I loved the way you explained…”

“Thanks for the stickers.. Thanks for the seeds…”

“It was fun to wear the beekeeper suit and you have interesting books…”

“When I saw your beehive I was so shocked. When I saw the video I couldn’t believe you had a real beehive on the top of your house. The funniest part you gave was the antinas (sic)….I really enjoyed what you showed us”